October 17, 2021

Vanished from Victoria: Dr. J. F. Krenek house, 607 N. Main St. – Victoria Advocate

This Disappeared from Victoria column was published originally in the Might, 9, 2010, edition of the…….


This Disappeared from Victoria column was published originally in the Might, 9, 2010, edition of the Victoria Advocate.It is particularly sad when Victoria loses one of the National Register properties. Dr. Franklin Krenek’s home shed its fight with life on Friday mid-day, April 9, and Saturday early morning, April 10. Your house was significant in that it was a Spanish Colonial Revival structure.Krenek relocated to Victoria in 1923 to begin his occupation

as a dental expert as well as dental surgeon. He married Katherine Antonioli and also got with the San Antonio company of Woodward and Hardie to develop a residence just across North Street from the John J. Welder mansion. The appealing stucco-over-frame construction house was finished in 1928 and also has actually been a landmark since that time on North Main Street.In retrospect, it is most likely not a good suggestion to

develop a stucco structure on a pier and light beam foundation in Victoria. The black gumbo we call dust right here, dollars and pitches with every adjustment in moisture, much less significant dry spells. A few of those who gathered across North Street to view the structure come down remembered seeing Krenek sprinkling around the border of the structure years back in an effort to keep the dirt stabilized.Architect Kai J. Leffland was worked with to make additions to the framework at some point

in your house’s very early 82-year background. Krenek died in 1976; Katherine lived another 8 years.The family attempted over the next 20 years to keep your house fixed and also habitable.Large fractures in the walls opened up as well as

closed as climate condition fluctuated.The drought in 2009 seemed the death knell. The roof fell short and also the

drought-ending rainfalls poured right into the inside of the house.Externally, the initial fantastic attacks of the demolition machinery revealed comprehensive termite damages as well as timber rot.Structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places have actually earned that listing, not due to the fact that they are an uniqueness in Victoria, nor a fascinating framework someplace in South Texas, however are of nationwide significance.The worth of Victoria’s architectural treasures numbers highly to our city’s attract heritage tourists.Whenever it goes to all feasible, Victoria’s history have to be maintained as an essential art of our city’s future.A landmark has actually vanished, however we must take heart that there is much of Old Victoria entrusted to celebrate. It is a terrific old community.

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