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Jim E. Davis

UF/IFAS Expansion Multi-County Director

Sumter and also Hernando Counties

Did you know that the approximated damage worldwide from termites has to do with $40 billion bucks? 80% of that results from subterranean termites. Every region in Florida is affected by termites. Every residence can be affected. Concrete or wood, termites can gain entry if the problems are best as well as if there is an entry factor within your foundation or other components of your home. To understand how to stop as well as manage termites, you have to initially recognize what they look like as well as a little concerning their biology.

Termites are soft-bodied pests that are cryptobiotic. This essentially implies they stay in camouflage. Established nests can vary in the thousands to millions. If you presume you have termites, the initial thing you require to do is find out if it is without a doubt a termite. Communications with termites normally occur throughout swarming. This is when the reproductive, or alates, begin arising and fly out of their mud tubes. These are the winged versions. Keep in mind that some ant varieties do the exact same point. If you see flying pests in your house, capture some and also placed them right into a jar or vial of a minimum of 70% scrubing alcohol. Contact your local UF/IFAS Expansion solution for identification.

Florida has 23 varieties of termites. There are dampwood, drywood and also subterranean. Dampwood termites are extremely uncommon. Drywood termites can be found in attics, cupboards, as well as furnishings. Especially antique furniture. Below ground termites are in the ground, creating galleries that enter your home via little entrance points. Right recognition of these sorts of termites is also essential due to the fact that drywood call for various therapies than subterranean termites. Indicators of drywoods include the visibility of their frass or excrement. These six-sided pellets are usually located in heaps or spread out around the wood they remain in. If you have drywoods, you need to speak to a parasite administration specialist to remove the swarm. The presence of below ground termites can include the existence of their mud tubes. These are tubes of product that emerge from the ground and work as freeways for the termites taking a trip within. Florida has both indigenous as well as non-native below ground termites, so you need to know which one you are handling. Administration as well as control of Eastern subterranean termites is different than the intrusive Formosan termite. Once more, if you suspect that you have termites, get in touch with a parasite administration specialist to solve the trouble. Any kind of inquiries pertaining to treatment options, call us at the UF/IFAS Expansion Hernando County office.

What can you do to avoid termites around your residence? Keep a 6″ evaluation area along your foundation. This is to look for mud tubes. I would certainly recommend drawing mulch away from the foundation. Likewise, do not grow any type of plants alongside the foundation of your house as well as keep plants trimmed so that they are not touching your residence. This aids maintain other pests away. All plants must be planted at the very least 2ft far from your home. Keep wood far from your residence. This includes landscape hardwoods. You likewise need to maintain any type of water far from the structure of your home. This means routing downspouts away and also avoiding watering from striking your residence. Extreme moisture along the structure makes a wonderful place for below ground to prosper in. All condensate lines and downspouts should go to the very least 1ft away from the framework sidewall.

When picking an insect management expert, do your research. For additional information visit to learn exactly how to select a bug control solution. To learn more on avoiding termites, check out

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