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By Individual Busby

FAIRHOPE– Arborists are functioning to save a massive Fairhope oak that has stood near Mobile Bay since prior to the city was started yet has been harmed by recent hurricanes and also termites.

City officials lately uncovered that the trunk of the live oak at Bayfront Park had actually split, Richard Johnson, Fairhope public works director, claimed.

“It is a multi-trunk, really, large mature live oak,” Johnson stated. “The huge trunk that basically branches towards the north has, a crevice has actually happened, suggesting that the bark is broken and also there is a visible slit where it attaches to the main component of the trunk. That may have been triggered by Storm Sally as well as adhered to by Zeta, we do not know. It might be part of the all-natural process and also life process of the tree, however when the various arborists checked out it, a couple of problems emerged.”

Concerns consisted of an invasion of termites feeding on the damaged timber in the injured locations of the tree, Johnson said.

“It seems to be we have a little vector concern. Some termites have taken up house because tree as well as they may be pursuing any one of the timber that is jeopardized in it,” Johnson stated. “The suggestion was not only to treat for the vector concern, but to cut the tree to reduce the chance of a full crack of the trunk and also the connected limbs too.”

The City Council elected Monday, July 12 to employ arborist Chris Francis to repair the tree at an expense of $9,589.

Johnson said the tree has been a landmark in Fairhope for years.

“It’s just actually a nice specimen of a live oak and the area is extremely prominent,” he claimed. “I have actually been reminded that many people have actually gotten wed under that tree.”

Councilman Kevin Boone said he remembered seeing the tree when he was a youngster in Fairhope. He claimed the oak must not be lost to future generations.

“I grew up with that tree,” Boone said. “I spent my entire life tearing trees down doing building and construction job, yet this one actually troubles me. That tree means something to me.”

Council President Jack Burrell claimed the oak is worth the price of preservation for the future.

“It’s a great deal of money to save a tree, but if you amortize that over the next 300 years, $300 a tree over the next 300 years,” Burrell said. “A respectable financial investment.”

Staffs will protect the tree using steel plates, wires and dental braces. Johnson said a similar job on a live oak in Centennial Park in Daphne was done much more than one decade back as well as has actually functioned well.

The procedure will certainly permit the Fairhope tree to heal as well as offers the oak its ideal possibility of survival, Johnson said.

“Truthfully our two choices are, we can do absolutely nothing and also possibly the tree heals by itself and it continues to proceed, and also we do not ever have a problem, or we might wind up having a failure of that tree which difficulty is the expense of cleaning may be more than the immediate efforts that we’re suggesting right here,” Johnson stated.

Francis claimed after the council vote that he really felt the city made a good decision to invest the cash to save the oak.

“I simply didn’t wish to wind up seeing that tree lowered due to the fact that someone thought it was extra practical to just remove it instead of invest some money in it,” Francis stated.

Some termites have taken up home in that tree and they might be going after any of the wood that is compromised in it,” Johnson claimed. Councilman Kevin Boone said he remembered seeing the tree when he was a kid in Fairhope.”I grew up with that tree,” Boone said. “I invested my whole life tearing trees down doing building job, yet this one really bothers me.”It’s a lot of money to conserve a tree, however if you amortize that over the next 300 years, $300 a tree over the next 300 years,” Burrell said.

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