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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach- 22 July 2021 – Termites are among the five major pests on the planet. Many individuals have tried several means to go back as well as forth fruitless, also triggering the spread of ant colonies. According to the searchings for of the European Institute of Biology, a massive variety of termites will certainly generate methane, which will enhance the temperature of the earth; the CARBON DIOXIDE created by them makes up about 20% of the total yearly CO2 exhausts on the planet; on top of that, they give off a large quantity of formic acid air pollution. Exceeds the ecological impact of automobile and commercial smog. In view of this, “Dr. Pest Control Co.” tries to find adjustments to the approach of removing termites, as well as ultimately created a “brand-new technique of removing termites.”

For several years, termite control has been a strenuous task in several areas, and also most of the pest control firms in the market advise some termite therapy methods, mainly chemical agents. Chemical control is indeed high in prevention as well as reliable, as well as it has actually always been crucial in the avoidance and control of termites. status. With the advancement of society, some medicines with high poisoning and lengthy recurring performance will create second damage to the setting, so they have been banned.

Since making use of termite control pharmacy is not just made use of in the countryside, but also mainly entails gardens and also indoor/residential/buildings as well as various other areas where human beings live, so poison-killing chemicals have issues about the health of people as well as animals. As a result, the choice of medicine is especially essential.

In action to this reason, the “Dr. Pest Control Co.” pest control business has introduced a brand-new “brand-new method of eliminating termites” based on the traditional technique of getting rid of termites.

After surveying, the designers found the place of the termite’s nest, began to make prep work, as well as researched the strolling path of the employee ants, blended the termite lure on the important things that the termites liked to consume, let the termites consume and also return to the nest, when the designers found After the nest area is precise, termite control drug store will certainly be made use of to call them in the next step. Termites will certainly die in the nest when they touch the termite control drug store, as well as the very same kind will eat the dead termites, producing a cycle. According to the size of the nest, observe the variety of employee ants, as well as after that continue to the following step of excavating the queen. Primarily eliminate the queen, this termite nest is abandoned.

This material is originated from the compounds established from plant essences, safe, very easy to liquify, and also will not cause residues in the environment. It can be used in locations that are delicate to public security, such as residences, parks, preschools, health centers as well as other locations with wide front backyards.

The top quality guarantee duration for the control of termites is one year. During the termite prevention and control quality guarantee period, ant damage will be eliminated completely free. Throughout the warranty period, the “Dr. Pest Control Co.” pest control company will certainly likewise send out special employees to see consistently to evaluate the control result. Since termite avoidance and control not just need to remove all termites, as a matter of fact, it needs lasting examination and also care, which is the best way to protect against termites.

The “Dr. Pest Control Co.” pest control business launched a service on termite avoidance and termite avoidance and also control, especially to help some family members and also organizations. There are numerous common approaches to get rid of termites in the market, there are several methods to get rid of termites that not only can not heal termites, yet also permit termites to spread. In every corner of your home, the fastest method to eliminate termites is to depend on professional termite control companies or termite removal business to aid the family discover where termites are quickly drawn in and where to make use of termite treatment techniques to control termites.

About Dr. Pest Control Co.

“Dr. Pest Control Co.” pest control firm is understood for comprehensive indoor and also outside pest control. We are committed to the needs of our clients. We are separated right into anti-mosquito, anti-ants, anti-rodent, anti-termite, anti-cockroach, anti-bed bug, as well as anti-wood lice, pest control before entering the premises, pest control after restoration, as well as house pest control solutions.

In addition to the prior solutions, hand-made insect pest control has been broadened to end up being a pest control company integrating atomization sanitation company and also cleansing company according to customer needs. It has expert indoor cleaning as well as disinfection services, such as: removing formaldehyde, cleaning after decor, and also removing formaldehyde. As well as nano-natural sanitation services, etc. On top of that, in order to completely meet the existing requirements of clients for natural non-toxicity, we mostly make use of natural mosquito-killing techniques, natural ant-killing approaches, rat-killing approaches, termite-eliminating approaches, termite-eliminating approaches, just how to eliminate termites, how to termite elimination, termite therapy techniques, natural means to kill roaches, household pesticide approaches, new house insecticide methods, etc. are for clients’ reference.

“Dr. Pest Control Co.” describes the collection of termite companies, bed pest control firms, lice control companies, anti-ant firms, rodent control firms, roach control business, home pest control companies, and so on, all have unique approaches to eliminate pests. Additionally, customers have concerns about the charges, rate of the pest control company and also the cost of termite control, Dr. Pest Control will certainly additionally provide customers with recommendation.

For numerous years, termite control has been an arduous job in numerous fields, as well as many of the pest control business in the market advise some termite treatment approaches, primarily chemical representatives. Termites will pass away in the nest when they touch the termite control drug store, as well as the exact same kind will certainly eat the dead termites, producing a cycle. The “Dr. Pest Control Co.” pest control company released a service on termite avoidance as well as termite prevention and also control, specifically to help some family members and also companies. There are many common approaches to get rid of termites in the market, there are lots of ways to eliminate termites that not just can not cure termites, yet likewise allow termites to spread out.”Dr. Pest Control Co.” refers to the collection of termite companies, bed pest control firms, lice control business, anti-ant firms, rodent control business, cockroach control companies, family pest control firms, etc., all have unique techniques to get rid of pests.

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